Shane Sklar fundraiser in Galveston

Shane Sklar will be in Galveston next week for a fundraiser. From his press release:

Building on his growing grassroots support throughout the 14th District, Democratic Congressional Candidate Shane Sklar will hold a fundraiser in Galveston next week.

Sklar’s fundraiser will be held in the Gulf Room at Gaido’s, 3802 Seawall Blvd., from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday, November 22.

A fourth-generation rancher from Edna, Sklar is committed to balancing the federal budget, holding down taxes, creating jobs, and protecting funding for NASA and UTMB.

In particular, Sklar has focused on the Federal Emergency Management Agency. After volunteering with Hurricane Rita relief workers, he called for overhauling FEMA and severing it from the Department of Homeland Security.

Meanwhile, his opponent, 8-term Congressman Ron Paul, was one of only six representatives — and the only one from a coastal area — who voted against funding for Hurricane Katrina relief.

I don’t know how much fundraising Sklar has done so far – according to Political Money Line, it’s not that much. That site doesn’t have up-to-date information on Nick Lampson, however, so I’m not sure how seriously to take it. In any event, incumbent Ron Paul is not exactly a cash cow, so it shouldn’t take much for him to catch up.

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Sklar at the recent BAND party. I don’t think he’s really on anyone’s radar right now (at least, he’s not on SuperRibbie’s), but keep an eye on him. This race may surprise people.

By the way, SuperRibbie has a companion piece of Democratic seats to watch out for next year as well; both those diaries are worth your time to read.

Finally, Karl-T rounds up what’s going on in other Texas Congressional races. Obviously, there will be a lot more to be said on this subject in the coming months.

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