“Spider-Man” busted

You know that any story that refers to “the French Spider-Man” is going to be worth reading, right?

The man known as the French “Spiderman” was foiled in his attempt to scale a downtown high-rise just moments after he dashed by police officers and leaped onto the side of One Houston Center on the 1200 block of McKinney.

“Had we been three or four seconds late, he’d have been history” on his way up the building, said Sgt. K. Perkins of the Houston Police Department special operations unit. “He’s an excellent climber. He moves so swiftly.”

Alain Robert, 43, was arrested at the building about 9:45 a.m.

Known for scaling more than 70 tall structures around the world without a safety net and often with his bare hands, Robert has touched the top of the Eiffel Tower in France, the Sydney Opera House in Australia and the world’s tallest building, the 1,667-foot Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

He has also scaled some of the most famous structures in the United States, including the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and New York’s Empire State Building.

“He’s been doing it all across the country,” Perkins said. “But you just can’t come here and violate the law in Texas.”

And all of us law-abiding non-building-climbing citizens of Houston thank you for your vigilance, Sergeant. Thanks also to Metroblogging Houston for the tip.

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4 Responses to “Spider-Man” busted

  1. Liberty says:

    Somehow I just don’t feel any safer because they arrested him.

  2. Antinome says:

    Sears Tower in Chicago, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and New York’s Empire State Building…

    and One Houston Center?

    what a wierd choice

  3. alainrobert says:


    well!!! you shouldn,t feel that safe because one of the media gave a tip to the cops!!!it,s even a shame…
    i did climb 60 times in france and i never got any problem!!!can you tell me what there is so special abt texas???
    ask to the real redindian what is there thinking abt united states ok!!!!

  4. alain robert says:


    metro blogging is so proud!!! tell me what are the reason??? are you having some fun in your life??? or maybe you are simply a square brain in a round peg!!!! i wouldn,t be so proud if i was you!!there is much more to do…you know guy that i,m actin with the NU.. that i did climb many times to raise some money for different GNO all over the world!!! maybe when you are comfortably sat in your house calling the cops!!! shame on you!!! where is the freedom spirit of united states??? maybe it,s just a word…unstead of calling the cops for such a little thing better help the people who are homeless those who are sick atleast doing something nice with your life unstead of tipping the cops!!!

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