Victor Morales???

According to The Jeffersonian, there may soon be a fourth contender in the Democratic primary for CD28 next year: once and former candidate for Senate and Congress Victor Morales. That’s based on a comment apparently left by Morales’ brother Joe, who has a history of contacting bloggers. Left unaddressed is Victor’s announcement after the 2002 Senatorial primary that he was through running as a Democrat for anything.

I have my doubts about this, but I suppose you never know. I underestimated Victor Morales in 2002, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say that if he runs, he fails to make the runoff. I just don’t see him having much of a base here. But hey, I could be wrong. Eddie? Andre? You guys are much closer to the ground than I am. What do you think?

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5 Responses to Victor Morales???

  1. Eddie R. says:

    I’ve got nada Charles. Someone mentioned it in a comment at TRS (Raymond v Rodriguez Part II) but I did not give it much thought. Maybe it is someone testing the water for him or maybe it is just someone screwing around with the blog rumor mill.

    I didn’t follow his last run for office very carefully. I remember a photo or clip of his little white truck driving away and all I could think of was “how lonely.”

    Until I can confirm it for sure, I will just consider it a hypothetical, do the math and tuck it away.

  2. Mathwiz says:

    I understand Morales is pretty progressive in general, with one huge exception: he’s anti-choice on abortion. Sort of like Dennis Kucinich before his Presidential run. (OT: To Dennis’s credit, he seems to have stuck with his newfound prochoice position since returning to Congress, so maybe it was a genuine conversion and not mere pandering.)

    That issue tipped me to Ron Kirk in the ’02 Senate primary; otherwise, I’d have voted for Morales, who was generally less beholden to special interests than Kirk, I thought.

    CW would be that Morales would find himself sandwiched, with progressive, prochoice Dems going for Rodriguez and conservative, anti-choice Dems going for Cuellar. But Morales may be more in tune with the CD28 Hispanic community than either of them, so he could surprise us.

    That is, if he runs, of course.

  3. phil fontenot says:

    doesn’t anyone remember this idiot being a sore loser, refusing to endorse kirk and even “meeting” publicly with cornyn and saying what a great guy he was????? please go away victor.

  4. It was a rumor I first heard months ago, but I haven’t heard a peep outside the blogosphere since. If I do, I’ll let you know!

  5. Joe Morales says:

    Come on guys and get the facts straight on my brother and me. I do NOT have a history of blogging. I let it known once about a month ago to 1 (one) site that my brother has been talking to regular folks in the 28th district since earlier this year to guage their feelings on their current Congressman and on various issues that concern them personally. And that after listening to all comments, I am not talking about party leaders or wanna be big shots, he may announce shortly if he intends to run. As most people don’t know he has been a successful motivational speaker at the elementary, secondary, hight school, and college level, and has spent many, many days speaking in South Texas during the past year. All in the 28th district. All the while he has gathered over 500 signatures to put him on the ballot if he so chooses. Remember, and this is important, our family is from Pleasanton, Texas, Atascosa County and the surronding area,(Jourdanton, Floresville, Charlotte, Poteet, etc)and are still here in big numbers. Victor attended and graduated from Pleasanton schools, attended San Antonio College before volunteering for the Navy Reserves and serving 2 years active duty during the Nam war. I am also a Viet nam Vet. He graduated from Texas A & I in Kingsville, Tx, taught school in Cotulla and Poteet Texas before moving away from the area. His first born son still lives in Lytle. All these areas are in the 28th disctrict (except Kingsville) where Victor had overwhelming (80+ per cent) support in 1996. Everyday folks still remember him and/or his little truck. I know cause I work all of South Texas as my territory and I ask people or people ask me when I introduce myself.
    As for his stance on abortion, Mathwiz got it all wrong, which is normal when it come to my brothers stand on important issues. He has stated publicly that he and his wife are PERSONALLY against abortion, but stands with ROE V WADE on the choice issue. That is, he states that NO one has the right to dictate to a woman what to do with what is her most private decision, not government, not you or me or anyone. It is her choice!!! He is a gun owner so he is NOT anti 2nd ammendent, We have family members that are gay so he is NOT anti gay, He is a Veteran. His beef is with Democratic Party leaders since they worked hard behind the scenes to get him defeated (we have proof from various sources within the party back then.) They couldn
    t control him with money, so they turned against him when he said he would work for the people and not special interests, PAC’s etc. He is not a fiscal conservative but a fiscal tightwad who would try to hold down spending as any clear thinking person would. He is progressive.
    As for phil, my brother is anything but a loser as anyone who has met him would attest. I wonder how many political offices in the state of Texas Phil has held or even been man enough to run for. There are talkers and there are doers. At least I know my brother well enough to understand why 2.4 million people voted for him in 96 and why he was the first minority in the history of Texas to win a major party nomination for US Senate or Governor. Check your history books Phil.
    By the way, Sen Cornyn called my brother for a private meeting NOT the other way around. My brother met with him as a matter of courtesy not for any other reason and told him thanks but no thanks to joining the REPUBs. He was constantly being courted by the REPUBs, DEMs, GREENS, LIBs, INDEPENDANTS, and others trying to persuade him to join their parties. The Dems didn’t want to lose him to the other parties because if Victor did as well campaigning with NO money can you imagine if he had a large war chest to go with his ability to connect to ordinary folks? That is why the GOPers wanted him to come over. Why would they do that if he were a loser????. Because after meeting and talking to him you would know he is not your run of the mill politician. In fact, he is not a politician, just a teacher trying to affect people’s everyday life just as he does his students lives. He teaches alternative school for drop outs, gang bangers and problem kids.
    Got questions? Ask me and I’ll give you the real skinny on Victor not hearsay or rumor.

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