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Let’s get ready to runoff

I’m feeling a little better today about the runoff in the Senate primary than I did on Thursday. Runoffs generally come down to who can turn out their supporters better, and on that score only Barbara Radnofsky will even be trying to do that, so that ought to give her the leg up. And it’s not like Darrell Reece Hunter is going to throw his support behind Gene Kelly (and who’d notice if he did?), either. So hopefully this will mean a little more news for the campaign before all the coverage goes into summer hibernation.

Of course, as this Express News piece notes, Kelly did win a Senate runoff in 2000, against the better qualified Charles Gandy. For what it’s worth, I couldn’t have told you that prior to reading that article if my life had been on the line. Gandy may have run a campaign, but it was invisible to me. I believe – I sure as hell hope – Radnofsky will have sufficient visibility this time around.

As I said before, I’m going to pester you mercilessly remind you regularly between now and April 11 of the importance of casting a ballot for BAR in the runoff. I’ve got an email to the Radnofsky campaign to get a statement from BAR, which I plan to run around the time early voting starts. (I also hope to get some statements from candidates in other runoffs – if anyone associated with Ben Grant is reading this, please drop me an email.) In the meantime, Radnofsky has a guest post at Capitol Annex for your perusal. The runoff is four weeks from tomorrow. Don’t let it sneak up on you.

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