Soechting resigns

Charles Soechting, chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, has resigned his position as of April 22. Andrew D has the letter and some thoughts as a former employee of Soechting’s. I too thought Soechting did a good job as Chair, and I wish him well in whatever comes next.

At this time, I don’t have a strong opinion as to who should succeed Soechting. There’s a lot of grassroots support already for Glen Maxey. I want to know more about both him and the other announced contender, Boyd Richie, before I make up my mind. Not that it matters that much, since the SDEC will make the pick, though there will also be a vote at the state convention in June. For now, all I want is a good, clean, open debate on the two contenders and their merits. Yeah, I know, but I can always hope.

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