Bennett endorses Miles in HD146 runoff

I was pretty sure this was going to happen, but it’s nice to see anyway, especially this far out from the start of early voting: Al Bennett, former challenger in the Democratic primary in HD146, has endorsed Borris Miles in the runoff against incumbent Rep. Al Edwards. Here’s the press release:

Houston, TX – In a statement released today by his campaign, former District 146 candidate Al Bennett has endorsed Borris L. Miles, and urged his voters and all the voters of District 146 to support Miles in the upcoming runoff election, Tuesday, April 11. Bennett, a local attorney, ran a strong third in the March 7th Democratic primary, earning 19% of the vote, while Miles ran second with 33%.

Citing the need for a new voice and new priorities, Al Bennett said, “Borris Miles is the only candidate who can provide needed change. While the Democratic voters of District 146 did not nominate me for the House of Representative, a majority said they wanted a change, and I echo that call.”

In endorsing Borris Miles, Bennett continued, “Al Edwards had been a missing voice with misguided priorities…this is our opportunity to make a change.”

Borris L. Miles, a successful small business owner, former law enforcement officer and longtime community activist will face incumbent District 146 State Representative Al Edwards in the April 11 runoff election following a very heated primary election.

“I am honored to earn the support of Al Bennett.”, Miles said. “Al ran a strong race on the issues, and has a bright future in public service. I am pleased to have his endorsement.”

Running on a campaign of change, Miles, a Sunnyside native and lifelong District 146 resident, is running to fully fund public education, restore and expand access to children’s health insurance, combat flooding and crime, and expand economic opportunity. “For too long, the residents of District 146 have gone without a real voice in Austin”, Miles said. “It’s time they had the representation they deserve – someone who will fight for their interests at the Capitol. I will be that representative.”

Borris Miles enjoys the endorsement and support of a variety of community leaders including Mrs. Audrey Lawson, Houston City Councilmembers Ada Edwards, Ronald Green and Peter Brown, Harris County Constable May Walker, HISD Trustees Larry Marshall, Dianne Johnson and Kevin Hoffman, Bishop Gene Moore, Ministers Manson Johnson, Terrence Johnson, Ed Lockett, Fort Bend Constable Ruben Davis, Houston Urban League CEO Sylvia Brooks, Candidate for Texas Governor Chris Bell, Former State Representative Debra Danburg, Ambassador Arthur Schechter, Mark Lee, Herman Litt, The Jewish Herald Voice, Former Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford and many others.

Early voting for the runoff election begins April 3rd and continues through April 7th. Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, April 11, 2006.

Thank you, Al Bennett. This race will be another factor in determining how stable or not Tom Craddick’s speakership is. A win for Miles is a loss for Craddick, and that’s good for all of us.

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5 Responses to Bennett endorses Miles in HD146 runoff

  1. John Cobarruvias says:


    This is great news. Al ran a great campaign and it is very good to hear he came out and endorsed Borris. I got lots and lots of respect for him. He was very well spoken, had great ideas and ran a great campaign.

    What can Al run for now?

  2. Burt Levine says:

    Al can now run for Houston City Council District D which will be open or at large Position Five which is also going to be open.

  3. Kyle says:

    I would love to see all the precinct data from this race. My precinct 403(parts of Marilyn Estates, Barkley Square South, and parts of Maplewood South) and 281 (the other part of Marilyn Estates and Meyerland south of the bayou) had their precinct conventions in the same location. Its my understanding Al Bennett won both those precincts pretty strongly with Borris Miles coming in second. Its also my understanding that Edwards got ZERO votes in 403 and less than 10% in 281 (which had a lot more votes overall) Driving around these neighbor prior to the election you would have thought Bennett and Miles were the only people in the election.

    Based on the numbers I saw about 10% of Bennett’s total vote came from these two precincts. It seems unlikely to me that Edwards will get many of these votes.

    The question as always will be whether the people who voted for Bennett will show up on runoff day. My guess is that many are really looking to throw Edwards out and will show up.

  4. benhur says:

    not sure. not sure all bennett’s votes will transfer to miles. and then-will they really s how up to the polls? with the dismal 6 pct turn out last time this race will give many surprises

  5. gregwythe says:

    Pct 403 – Edwards had no votes on E-day, but the breakdown was 58-19-3 (Bennett-Borris-Edwards) for the total votes.

    Pct 281 – again, Edwards did a bit on Mail/Earl, but not a lot on E-day: 99-44-21 total.

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