Quarter time

As The Jeffersonian reminds us, today is the end of the quarter, so if you’ve been planning to make a donation to your favorite candidate, today is a great day to do it. He’s got a suggested list of Congressional candidates to consider, all of whom are worth your time to look. I’d add a couple more to his list:

Mary Beth Harrell in CD31 – see Eye on Williamson for more.

David Harris in CD06, who has been writing about immigration and national security lately.

In Harris County, there’s Gary Binderim in CD02, Jim Henley in CD07, and Ted Ankrum, who still has a runoff to win, in CD10. And of course the statewide candidates – BAR, Chris Bell, David Van Os, and so on. Whether you have any of these folks in mind or someone else, today’s the day to make it happen.

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