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What will the West Orange-Cove plaintiffs do?

Some time before close of business on June 1, the state of Texas will file a motion to lift the injunction imposed by the State Supreme Court ruling in November that declared the property tax system unconstitutional. The plaintiffs in that case will not oppose the motion, meaning that it will be lifted as a matter of course.

That will not be the end of the story, not by a longshot. I talked with one of the attorneys for the West Orange-Cove plaintiffs this week and asked him what they will do from here. The answer is over at Kuff’s World.

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  1. Tim says:

    Yeah, I expect this to resurface again and again for at least a few years. The bottom line is, everyone on both sides of the aisle knew they HAD to come up with something by June 1, and something that didn’t stink so badly that a shutdown after June 1 was preferable.

    I think plenty of legislators who voted for the school finance package would have probably opposed it — or at least dragged it on for months and years trying to get changes into it — had the Sword of Damocles not been swinging over their heads to get something done by the 1st.

    But I do expect that plenty of people on both sides want some things changed, and have the time and breathing room to deliberate about a better fix rather than merely something less than completely objectionable.

  2. […] that the state is imposing an unconstitutional statewide property tax again, which was what the West Orange-Cove lawsuit was about. In the meantime, it’s a little confusing to keep track of them all – I now […]