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Enron verdict in

I know I haven’t been following the trials of former Enron honchos Jeff Skilling and Kenny Boy Lay, but apparently the jury is back and we’re about to get some verdicts. So consider this a placeholder for when they’re in, with more to come later.

Hat tip: Progressive Texan.

UPDATE: Guilty, guilty, guilty! While I was waiting for the Chron to reload (it eventually crashed – too much traffic, I guess), Tiffany just called to say she heard it on the radio. Skilling went down on 19 counts, with acquittals on 9 others, while Kenny Boy was convicted on all ten counts six counts from one trial and three more (by Judge Lake) in the other. More when the Chron powers back up.

UPDATE: Finally, here’s the Chron story.

The jury heard 16 weeks of testimony and arguments and made its announcement early on its sixth day of deliberations. The eight-woman, four-man panel found Lay guilty of all six counts. They convicted Skilling on 19 of the 28 counts against him.

U.S. District Judge Sim Lake set a sentencing date of Sept. 11.

Lake found Lay guilty of three counts in his personal banking fraud trial.

More from Loren Steffy and Trial Watch, which says Lay was convicted by Judge Lake on four counts of bank fraud, not three. Whatever, it’s guilty all around.

UPDATE: Dwight links to a bunch of bloggers’ reactions to the verdicts. (If you link to me linking to Dwight linking to these other bloggers, we’ll be one step closer to Meta Blog Nirvana.) Also, Loren Steffy has two posts where jurors give their reasons for convicting. Trial Watch reports on Kenny Boy surrendering his passport and posting bond.

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  1. Sue says:

    What I found interesting was that Skilling was found not guilty on charges of insider trading while he was at Enron, but guilty of the one for a trade after he left. Seems backwards to me, but whatever.

  2. Tim says:

    Sentencing on 9/11. Hmm. Looks like there will be a little bit more than five-year observances in the news that day.