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Last chance to vote for Mapchangers

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for the Forward Together PAC Mapchangers. The good news is that we’ve now got two Texans in the top five – Chris Bell and Barbara Radnofsky. The better news is that we can still get at least one more in there with a little strategic voting. I quote from the email by Glen Maxey that’s making the rounds:

John Courage (TX-21) is sitting RIGHT OUTSIDE of the Top 5. We have an opportunity to bring another $5,000 to Texas if we can get him into that 5th slot. We also want to ensure that Chris and Barbara stay where they are. If John gets into the Top 5, we will have a unique “Texas Triple Crown” with not only having three candidates in the Top 5 of THIS contest, but it will make John Courage the Democracy for America Grassroots All-Star, the Feingold Progressive Patriot, and a Warner Mapchanger.

NOTE: This is instant runoff voting. If you don’t put these candidates in this order, you can actually push John further down the list instead of into the top five. We are very confident from the rumors we’ve heard that Bell and Radnofsky are secure in the top five and that John is just below the bar.

The ideal ballot would be in this order (it only takes a second to vote) to show the country that Texas is more purple than it is red:

1st Vote: John Courage TX-21
2nd Vote: Ted Ankrum TX-10
3rd Vote: Mary Beth Harrell TX-31
4th Vote: Chris Bell TX-GOV
5th Vote: Barbara Radnofsky TX-SEN

Please take a minute out of your day and vote THIS all-Texan ballot by clicking here.

Please vote while you still can. Thanks!

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