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Molly Ivins back in the hospital

Get well soon, Molly!

Nationally syndicated columnist Molly Ivins has been hospitalized in her recurring battle with breast cancer.

“I think she’s tough as a metal boot,” her brother, Andy Ivins, said Friday after a visit with her at Seton Medical Center in Austin.

Andy Ivins said his sister was admitted to Seton on Thursday. She spent Friday morning with longtime colleagues and friends, and was “sleeping peacefully” when he arrived later in the day.

A self-described leftist agitator, Ivins, 62, completed a round of radiation treatment in August, but the cancer “came back with a vengeance,” and has spread through her body, Andy Ivins said.

I hate to say it, but this doesn’t sound good. I truly hope I’m wrong, because we need people like Molly Ivins more than ever now, but I’m fearing the worst. My very best wishes for a complete and successful recovery go out to Molly Ivins.

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  1. CT says:

    Molly please remember we love you.

  2. Brenda Helverson says:

    My pal Bart over at wondered recently why their people die old and rich (See Ford, Gerald R.) and ours die so young.

    Prove them wrong, Molly! Get well now!