Winter wins Mapchangers

It didn’t quite go as I hoped, but I can’t complain.

After an exciting few weeks the MapChangers contest has come to a close. More than 9,000 people voted over the course of the contest, casting 18,500 votes. In a very close third round and after hard-fought final day of voting, Forward Together PAC is excited to declare Colorado’s Bill Winter the winner of our MapChangers Grand Prize.

A Fighting Dem, Bill is running in Colorado’s 6th district against controversial Republican Tom Tancredo. The Winter campaign ran a spirited campaign and had tremendous success in turning out their online supporters to bring them to victory. Governor Warner congratulates all eleven of the MapChangers from the last round. The online mobilization skills those campaigns developed for the contest will be essential to their strategy come election day.

Tancredo is a reprehensible, vile racist, so any support for his opponent is all to the good. As this comment on BOR makes clear, the effort to get Governor Warner to throw two fundraisers is still ongoing, so John Courage‘s second place showing may still be a winner. Regardless, congratulations to Bill Winter, a worthy champion running against one of the worst that the Congressional Republicans have to offer.

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  1. lawrencedem says:

    I was so pleased that throughout the contest the rapport between Courage and Winter was exemplary- my optimism surges around such comraderie.

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