Dunnam requests lobbying contract audit

Another one from the inbox:

[Yesterday] morning, State Representative Jim Dunnam announced his request that the Texas State Auditor begin a comprehensive audit of four different lobbying contracts that state-funded entities have with Tom DeLay’s former chief of staff, Drew Maloney. The four contracts are costing Texas taxpayers more than $1 million and just scrape the surface of fiscal mismanagement and potential corruption on the part of Governor Rick Perry and Drew Maloney.

Please find the attached documents from this morning’s press conference. If you need these documents in another format, please contact Rep. Dunnam’s office and we will try to accommodate your needs.

In addition to the documents attached to this email, you may view a recorded copy of this morning’s press conference using the online media player RealPlayer by going to the following URL:


Those of you who recall that Carole Keeton Strayhorn did an audit on the lobbying contracts get a gold star, but in the end she only ordered payments suspended to one of the two groups involved. Turns out she had a wee little conflict of interest going on. That’s where Dunnam is picking up the ball.

Here’s Dunnam’s press release on the matter, a summary document and a flowchart (all PDFs) for those who prefer more visual aids.

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