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Analysis of all current redistricting plans

Local political consultant Mustafa Tameez has gone over all of the redistricting map proposals that have been submitted to the three-judge panel, plus their briefs where available, and put together a concise analysis of them all, complete with illustrations. I have a copy of his report here (PDF) for your perusal. Oral arguments will be heard on August 3, and as noted before, the new map should be in place in time for the November election. Take a look and see what the judges will have to work with.

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  1. A. J. Pate says:

    Mustafa Tameez did a very even-handed and thorough analysis of the remedial plans now before the federal district court in LULAC v. Perry on very short notice, for which he is to be commended.

    I am A. J. Pate who filed with the court a remedial proposal, with maps, statistics, and a supporting brief. My proposal, as well as all the others, is available at: . I provided the court with two alternatives: a minimalist (least-changes) plan, 1407C, and an expansionist plan, 1408C.

    I am an amicus curiae pro se in the case and was the only person filing maps and a brief on their own initiative, time, and expense. Further, my efforts are non-partisan for fair and effective representation for the people of Texas and their communities of interest. (See the Epilogue to my brief, pgs, 10-11.)