Richard Garcia’s web ad

Now this is nicely done:

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I can’t think of a good reason why any candidate, at any level, wouldn’t want to try something like this. All you need is a digital video recorder, some editing software, and the ability to create a YouTube account. Get on board now, while it’s still a relative novelty, and you may even get yourself some free media to go along with it.

Oh, and look for in a web browser near you. Your move, Orlando.

UPDATE: For whatever the reason, the embedded video works fine for me in Firefox, but not in IE. Those of you using IE should try the YouTube link, which does work in IE. Sorry about that.

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One Response to Richard Garcia’s web ad

  1. Charles Hixon says:

    This is cool. At this point it’s a novelty but with obvious potential.

    A questions of substance though: The bottom of the screen says that current employees (will be) retained by the county, yet Garcia claims that he will save taxpayers millions of dollars by abolishing this office. Since the Harris County Treasurer nor the new department head replacement under the new plan do not draw that kind of salary, I’d be interested in where that millions of dollars comes from. Garcia is a numbers man – let’s see the numbers, man.

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