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Get ready for red light camera fines

Starting September 1, anyone who runs a red light at one of the camera-enabled intersections will face a fine. There will be no grace period.

The Houston Police Department and Phoenix-based American Traffic Solutions are launching a public awareness campaign this month to let drivers know the much-discussed program is finally here.
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“Our message is basically be aware,” said Sgt. Michael Muench of the police department’s traffic division.

“We’re hoping that everybody should be watching the red lights anyhow, but this is going to be an added tool for us to try to change drivers’ behavior and operate their vehicles more safety,” said Muench, supervisor of the program.

When enforcement begins, fines will be issued without a grace period. There was some confusion about whether violators would receive warning letters as part of this month’s awareness campaign, but that is not taking place, Muench said.

Warning letters were issued last year to violators during a trial phase of the cameras, before a contractor was chosen.

ATS is airing commercials about the cameras on several local radio stations and developing an educational brochure that will be printed in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

A full list of the intersections is here (link via Houstonist). Ten more such intersections will follow soon, though, so don’t get too cocky.

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