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It is finished

It’s done: I have finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Our copy arrived from Amazon UK yesterday, and after Tiffany announced that she didn’t intend to start reading it till Monday, I pounced. I’m happy to have finally caught up with everyone else, and to be able to freely read what’s out there without worry about being spoiled. I won’t say any more about it here.

I do have a few spoilery thoughts to add, which are in the extended entry. DO NOT CLICK ON unless you’ve finished reading.

1. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Luna and Dean hooked up?

2. After some of the stuff that went on at Hogwarts, I was beginning to think that Draco and Harry would end up in a Biff Tannen/George McFly relationship in the future. One wonders how Draco dealt with all that happened.

3. Apparently, Neville is also a true son of Gryffindor. Good on him, he deserves it.

4. Despite the repeated denials of JK Rowling, I still think she will some day write more about the world of Harry Potter. And if not her, I think she’ll eventually let somebody else explore some previously untilled part of that universe. It may take a few years, but I think the pressure to give more will be unbearable.

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  1. She’s supposed to be planning an encyclopedia for the Potterverse for her next act of Pottermania.

  2. She’s supposed to be planning an encyclopedia for the Potterverse for her next act of Pottermania.

  3. The_Other_Sarah says:

    If JKR herself isn’t going back to Harry Potter’s universe — and she brought” Harry’s story to a definite ending” in classic style, a la mystery writer Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey’s fate — I can’t imagine an entire generation of fans not spawning their own addenda, emendations and corrections to the tales.
    The sheer repair of Hogwarts, after the climactic battle, would make a trilogy, I’m thinking — and can you imagine what the effect of so much magical havoc must’ve been on the nearby Muggleverse?

  4. Bill says:

    Once again, red headed character named “Bill” helps save the day and gets the hottie.

  5. CrispyShot says:

    Late to the party, as usual, but I just finished reading it about 1 hour ago, and have been studiously avoiding anything with JKR’s name in it for the past couple weeks.

    All in all, I found it a very satisfactory conclusion to the series. I. too, was glad to see Neville play a critical role.

    Three things:

    1) When Harry sees his parents’ headstones, the year of death is 1981. So what year do the events in “Deathly Hallows” take place? If Harry was 2 when they died (I can’t remember), then he was born in ’79, and he’s 17 in the book, so that’s 1996, right? Really?

    2) I was thinking Neville and Luna more than Dean.

    3) Did I miss it in the Epilogue, or do we not know what Harry et al. are doing 19 hears hence? Did he ever get to be an auror?