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Start counting the days for the Alabama Bookstop

Via Houstonist, this blurb from the Wall Street Journal is nothing but bad news for Houston preservationists.

David Deason, vice president for development at Barnes & Noble, said the New York-based company intends to close the Bookstop in favor of a “state of the art” facility. But Mr. Deason said the fate of the landmarks is in the hands of Weingarten.

You can translate that as “We just want to make sure that it’s Weingarten who gets blamed when the wrecking ball pays a visit. Please don’t boycott our shiny new location-to-be in the River Oaks Shopping Center!”

At this point, barring quick passage of a stronger preservation law by City Council, I think it’s going to take a buyer who specifically wants to keep the Alabama Theater in its present condition. I’m more pessimistic about the River Oaks Theater now than I was before. Bleah.

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