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“Ineffective and embarrassing”

The Lone Star Project sums up the career of Rep. John Carter, debate ducker par excellence.

Historically, Texas Members with leadership potential begin to distinguish themselves by their second term in office. Both Charlie Stenholm and Martin Frost were already recognized as rising stars in the House by their second terms. The same is true for Jim Turner, Max Sandlin and even “hard right” Republican ideologues like Dick Armey and Tom DeLay himself. Carter entered his second term with some promise as a new member of the Appropriations Committee, but concludes his term as an abandoned DeLay follower who has drawn attention to himself only long enough to make embarrassing public statements on issues ranging from voting rights to child predators.

Eye on Williamson has the rest. Poor John Carter.

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  1. Michael says:

    “I congratulate my opponent Mary Beth Harrell on her victory and wish her well in Congress. I will be retiring to Barsoom to spend more time with Dejah Thoris and our son…”