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They still don’t like Ron Paul in Victoria

I have to wonder: Has the Victoria Advocate always hated Ron Paul, or is this a more recent development?

Gov. Rick Perry publicly expects to win re-election comfortably. Even so, he agreed to participate in a debate with his rivals.

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison publicly expects to win re-election comfortably – more so than the governor. Even so, she agreed to participate in a debate with her rivals.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul publicly expects to win re-election comfortably. So why will he not debate his Democratic opponent for the 14th Congressional District seat?

“Civic organizations throughout District 14 have created numerous opportunities for libertarian Congressman Ron Paul and Democratic candidate Shane Sklar to appear together in public and speak on the issues that matter most to Texas’ Gulf Coast families,” a news release from the Sklar campaign notes.

But “Ron Paul has refused all of these generous invitations, turning down at least six such opportunities,” the news release continues.

Paul is far from shy when it comes to circulating his famous cookbook.

Paul is far from shy when it comes to taking credit for getting funding for programs and projects in the 14th District, even though he has secured passage of no legislation in the past six years specifically benefiting this region.

Paul is far from shy when it comes to voting no against all manner of legislation – some of which would directly aid his constituents.

Paul is far from shy when it comes to introducing legislation that has no chance whatsoever of passage by Congress.

Paul is far from shy when it comes to trashing the United Nations and President Bush.

So why has Ron Paul all of a sudden developed a debilitating case of stage fright that keeps him from appearing with his opponent to discuss how their respective programs would benefit the residents of the 14th Congressional District?

Is it because he has nothing worthwhile to say?

Is it because he knows anything he does say will underscore for voters just how out of touch he is with the real needs of working people and families in this part of Texas?

Is it because he is too busy touting his odd libertarian agenda to pay attention to what really matters to voters in the 14th District?

Is it because he believes voters somehow owe him yet another term, despite the little he has done for the district?

Time is running out for Paul to do what incumbent Sen. Hutchison and incumbent Gov. Perry – both his fellow Republicans – understood voters had the right to expect of them.

Time is running out for Paul to face off against his opponent and give voters this opportunity to compare the two side by side and decide which could better represent the 14th Congressional District. What is he so scared of?

If this were a football game, they’d have been flagged for piling on by now. In case you’re keeping score, that’s one, two, three strikes he’s out (if you don’t mind my mixing sports metaphors). And while Paul may be publicly confident of his re-election, not everyone would agree with that. Not that anyone will get the chance to debate that point, or any other, with him.

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  1. Jim D says:


    Even the Galveston County Daily News, which I’ve suspected of being a Republican rag ever since Dolph Tillotson took over, is behind Shane Sklar.

  2. Kevin Whited says:

    The headline of your post implies that the people of Victoria and the people who wrote that editorial are one and the same.

    I think that judgment is both erroneous and premature, especially from a proud member of the community that claims it’s based in reality. 🙂

    We’ll find out soon enough, as the voters will have the final say.

  3. Jesus Christ, Kevin, in the very first sentence I specified and linked to the Victoria Advocate. Anyone with two working brain cells can tell that’s the antecedent to “they”. Do I need to put the full post in my titles now? Would that make you happy?

    I know you’re not this dense. But man do you do a good job of acting it.