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Specs for the Intermodal Terminal

Christof reads the environmental assessment for the proposed Intermodal Terminal (formerly known as the Northern Intermodal Transit Center) so we don’t have to. He summarizes the most interesting bits, which are worth reading to see what Metro is up to with this project. For example:

5. It’s intended to create a new neighborhood.

METRO’s site plan shows a grid of streets between the railroad tracks and White Oak Bayou. Those streets aren’t needed to access the transit station, and most won’t carry through traffic. Their purpose is clearly to be the “bones” of a new neighborhood. METRO isn’t saying much about that – the site plan shows these as on grade parking. But they’ve clearly though about it. Most significantly, the streets are connected southwards, not northwards, directing traffic from new development towards Downtown, not residential neighborhoods. METRO has already acquired much of this land because it needs parts of it for the transit facilities; presumably it would either sell or lease to developers. Were we in a city that wasn’t planning-phobic, there would already be a process underway to figure out what kind of place this would be. Instead, we’re letting the transit agency figure it out.

Check it out.

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  1. patrick says:

    I swear when I read the headline I though Specs got a contract to put a liqour store in the intermodal terminal.