Cuellar backs Ciro

Maybe this has something to do with his rumored interest in the 2008 Senate race and maybe it doesn’t, but I for one am glad to see Rep. Henry Cuellar bury the hatchet and get behind Ciro Rodriguez in his runoff race versus Rep. Henry Bonilla.

Rodriguez and Cuellar had been friends but had a falling out when Cuellar opposed Rodriguez in 2004. Cuellar, who also squashed Rodriguez’s attempt to win back his seat in March, now represents the 28th congressional district.

Cuellar joined Texas’ House Democrats, 11 total, in signing a letter to Rodriguez pledging support.

“The members of the delegation are committed to travel to your district, send you resources and work with our colleagues in the House to get you re-elected,” they said in the letter.

Vince is also pleased by this development. Look, I was as big a booster of Ciro over Cuellar in March as anyone. I’d still prefer Ciro over Cuellar if that were the choice before me. But that fight was fought, and the side I picked lost. It’s time to get over it and move on, because the prize here is the even bigger one of ousting Bonilla. I applaud Cuellar for doing his part, and I promise to do mine. We’re on the same team now, so let’s make the most of it.

Greg also notes this story, and has a video of the DCCC’s ad that’s now playing in the district. Check it out.

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2 Responses to Cuellar backs Ciro

  1. blank says:

    I’m with you Kuff. I’m starting to doubt my disappointment with Cuellar and desire to beat him. However, you can see how Cuellar played ball by giving by my count roughly $35K (more than 20% of his chest) to Democrats this cycle.

  2. el_longhorn says:

    Very happy to hear the news. Cuellar’s support for Ciro will be crucial, because he has run in the district and his staff have the connections that Ciro needs. Scheduling the election on the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, intentionally or not, may turn out to be quite fortuitous…divine intervention anyone? A miracle for Ciro, maybe?

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