Robinson Warehouse – Seeing daylight

Well, the weather permitted but my schedule didn’t, so the next chance I had to take a picture of the Robinson Warehouse demolition was yesterday. They’ve clearly made a lot of progress, and at first glance I thought my initial estimate of completion circa year’s end was pessimistic, but as you’ll see from the next picture, they still have a lot to do. Click on for more.

You can see that the farther away from Montrose you get, the less they’ve done. So I still think there’s a few weeks to go.

The front view. You can see daylight through there, which may be the first time that’s ever been true.

Closeup shot from the driveway, where the gates were open. I didn’t enter, just got as near as I could without getting told to beat it.

More later. Am I the only one fascinated by this, or should I keep this up?

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4 Responses to Robinson Warehouse – Seeing daylight

  1. Azeem says:

    Keep the updates coming …

    Since I am interested what the new building will look like, I appreciate your updates. Thanks.

  2. Moez says:

    Keep it coming…thanks for your work.

  3. Charles Robinson says:

    I have been enjoying your pictures of the demolition. Please keep the pictures coming as I do not live in Houston any longer. The building is all concrete, brick, and steel with a full basement. It had also been selected as the area civil defense shelter back in the 60’s. We were told demolition would be difficult. The building had long since seen its best days and I will be glad to see a significant structure go up in its place. Charles Robinson, Past President, Robinson Public Warehouse Co.

  4. lauren says:

    this is hard to watch – and it is taking forever (a la william penn).

    such a shame

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