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The merry monster

Tiffany’s family does a gift exchange on Christmas Eve. It used to be ornaments only (I didn’t get the Derek Jeter that way, but have collected some other cool ones from that), but this year was a White Elephant exchange. You could only contribute things that you already had – no bought gifts allowed. As with the ornament exchange, everyone draws a number to determine the selection order. The rule is that you can pick from the pile of unopened gifts, or you can steal someone else’s gift; if a gift is stolen, the person who lost it gets to pick or steal, with the turn ultimately ending when a selection is made from the pile. A gift can be stolen three times, after which it’s the property of the last person to swipe it. At the end, the person who went first gets a chance to steal. It’s great fun, and we all whoop it up the whole time.

Anyway. There were some interesting objects available at this year’s exchange. One was a little doohickie that Olivia acquired – by stealing, I should point out – that she is fascinated by and we’re tolerating grimly. It’s a little stuffed monster that, well, see for yourself. I figured I’d capture it on video so we’ll remember why we eventually threw the thing out a window.

It actually does one other thing besides that:

What can I say? Olivia spent the better part of the day yesterday making it do its thing. Now you can share in the joy.

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  1. Chris Schasse says:

    Do you know where i can buy this thing? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find it. Is there a website on it or a name or something?

  2. Chris – According to the box, this little dude is sold exclusively at CVS drugstores. Hope that helps.