Prius problems

Really interesting cover story in the Press about issues Prius drivers have had with their previously-beloved vehicles. Seems they have this strange habit of accelerating at unpredictable times, with the extra bonus of the brakes not working too well. I wish the story had gone into some of the technical details – surely there’s a mechanic or an engineer somewhere with a theory as to what might be the cause of this – but it did get a variety of tales of failures from a bunch of people, some of whose experiences were pretty harrowing. You have to figure it’s just a matter of time before a big lawsuit is filed. Anyway, it’s a good read, so check it out.

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  1. M1EK says:

    Hard to tell, but remember that every single person whose non-hybrid car ran away from them insists they were mashing the brake, not the accelerator, yet most of them were wrong (or lying) – as seen weekly with “old person crashes through storefront in South Florida” stories.

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