Stephen King and Harry Potter

Nice piece by Stephen King on the Harry Potter series, the generally uninteresting reviews of those books, and the future of reading. Check it out. Link via dghall.

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One Response to Stephen King and Harry Potter

  1. Dud says:

    Thanks for the info on Stephen King’s review of the Harry Potter series. I think the term, you will excuse the Republican reference, no matter how tarnished, “Effete snobs” or something like that, always affects book reviews of popular, universally read authors and JK Rowling is no exception. The NY Times would have been more receptive if the story line was some obscure, dense philosophical theme which only the critic understood. But when you take a story such as the Harry Potter series classic struggle of good vs evil, the Times and others outlets just glaze over.
    I would never have seen myself, a 70 year old semi-cynical ex New Yorker, get so enthralled by the story and it’s interesting characters as I did. After reading and listening to all 7 books, it is my intention to start all over again.
    I hope that the epilog will be the beginning of a new story.

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