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The last day of chubbing

So tomorrow night at midnight is the deadline for the House to approve Senate bills on second reading, which means that as long as the Democrats can keep the chubfest going, SB362 will die. Modulo any attempt to graft it onto some other piece of legislation, and a special session, of course. I took a break from following the ups and downs of this over the weekend – BOR did a great job with that, so catch up there if you need to. What I know at this point is that I don’t expect any kind of deal, despite a fair bit of chatter over the weekend that one was possible, and that Speaker Straus’ weak sauce obstruction charges suggests to me that the Rs are feeling less secure in their position right now than the Ds are. Beyond that, it’s all in how everyone campaigns next year. So let’s get it on, and let’s see where those chips fall.

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