Manlove to run for Congress

CD22 gets more crowded.

The mayor of Harris County’s second largest city has resigned his post today to run for Congressional District 22 seat.

John Manlove, said he would be running as a Republican in the race and said his resignation as Pasadena’s mayor is effective today.

Manlove has been mayor for six years. Before becoming mayor, he was elected to the Pasadena City Council in 1993 and served for eight years.

His term as mayor expires in 2009 and a special election will be held to fill the spot. The mayor pro tem Jack Douglass, will serve as mayor until then. Douglass must call an election within 10 days.

I should note that Gary Denton called this a week ago. That brings the Republican contender count up to five – Manlove, Shelley, Talton, Steinberg, and Olsen are all in, at least for now. I figure at least one of the higher profile candidates will eventually drop out when he or she cannot meet fundraising metrics. I also figure we’ll get at least one more contender to jump in before all is said and done. If I had to pick a frontrunner out of this bunch, it’d be Talton. Ask me again after the filing deadline and we’ll see if I still think that.

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4 Responses to Manlove to run for Congress

  1. Michael says:

    I still crack up when I read Wonkette’s nickname for Shelly. It’s good to have a humorous candidate in the running.

  2. Mr. 22 says:

    Former Sugar Land mayor Dean Hrbacek and recently retired Harris County district court judge Jim Squier are also running.

  3. Burt Levine says:

    Thank you for adding the names hrbacek and squier.

    Tonight at the Harris County Republican Pct.Chairs mgt Rep. Talton told me there is an 8th as well.

  4. Cubfan says:

    Does anyone have an impression of which Republican candidate would be strongest in the general?

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