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SJL rumors

Vince reports that “sources tell him” that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who happens to be my Congressperson, is going to leave that job to work for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I suppose that’s plausible – as Vince notes, SJL was one of Clinton’s most steadfast supporters around here, which has earned her some disgruntlement in the district. Jackson Lee herself denies these rumors. I’ll simply note that two of the people quoted in that story are restauranteur Marcus Davis, who briefly considered a write-in challenge to SJL last year, and Houston City Council Member Jarvis Johnson, whose name has been bandied about as a potential 2010 primary opponent to SJL. That suggests to me that this may be nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of a couple of interested parties. But hey, you never know – it’s not like an initial denial is always the end of a story. If there’s something to this, we’ll know soon enough.

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  1. Baby Snooks says:

    I’d like to say good riddance to bad rubbish but in the end this is just a rumor. Just like the rumor that she went ballistic on quite a few when Marcus Davis even dared to suggest that anyone should challenge her. In reality, Marcus Davis most likely merely deferred to her as most do. She is, after all, the queen. The odd thing is that most of her constituents like having a queen. She makes everyone feel they matter. I’;m not sure anyone else could or would. And despite my dislike of her, and the dislike of quite a few others of her, her constituents in the end are the only ones who have a say. And apparently they say “long live the queen.”