Still waiting for DeLay’s day in court

Now that there are no more appeals pending for Tom DeLay, and Travis County DA Ronnie Earle says he’s ready to go to trial, when shall we see The Erstwhile Hammer in court? Not just yet, says the presiding judge.

The Court of Criminal Appeals has denied rehearing of the State’s appeal. Still pending in the Austin Court of Appeals are appeals taken by Messrs Colyandro and Ellis on rulings by Judge Perkins before I got in the case on Applications for Pretrial Habeas relief based on alleged Unconstitutionality of certain of the statutes on which the prosecutions are based. Prudence may dictate awaiting the outcome of those appeals before proceeding.

As I’ve noted before, that’s the checks aren’t cash appeal, which would seem to be material to DeLay’s case if the defense wins. And so we wait some more. Link via Texas Politics.

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