Endorsement watch: Mayor White

The Chron endorses Mayor White. Well, what were you expecting, a plug for Outlaw Josey Wales? Sometimes these things are very, very easy.

Much more enlightening in a way is the airing of grievances by the Chron’s new lightweight conservative columnist, whose case against the Mayor basically boils down to “he’s done things I don’t like, and hasn’t done things that I do like”. To say the least, he really reaches:

White’s scared off any serious competition once again, just as in 2005, when 91 percent of those voting chose him. Or, you might note, when 9 percent of voters said they’d rather have one of the perennial or also-ran candidates who clutter up the ballot each election cycle than Houston’s much-lauded mayor.

Given that the crazification factor would have predicted three times that amount, I’d say the point is self-refuting. But thanks for playing anyway.

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One Response to Endorsement watch: Mayor White

  1. Michael says:

    This is the same guy (I believe) who suggested that Richmond would be better served by a new bike path than rail. Talk about reaching and crazification.

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