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A Closer Look at Bill White’s So-Called “Republican Ties”

Here’s a link to David Mauro’s post on BOR that investigates and rebuts some allegations made about Bill White in the who-knows-when-it-will-be Senate race. Just go read it if you haven’t already, it’s worth your time. The main thing I’ll add to it is that at the same time as we bask in the glow of the national Democratic Party paying some long-overdue and much-needed attention to our state, it’s nice to have a candidate for Senate who’s spending his time paying attention to voters in some parts of the state that don’t always get as much of it from Democrats as they should. My preference in this race has always been clear, but I’d think that this is the kind of campaign behavior that would appeal to those who didn’t start out with a known choice. Your mileage may vary.

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  1. Baby Snooks says:

    His name was on the invitation. His ties to the Republicans is well-known to everyone. Among other things, when he was first elected mayor he decided to have a “Second Chance” fundraiser, as in second chance to buy a piece of City Hall, at the home of Ned Holmes. Who is pretty much the mover-and-shaker of Republican politics in Houston as well as one of the mover-and-shakers of Republican politics in Texas.

    People really don’t like to connect the dots even when the dots are the size of elephants. His ties to the Clintons raise further issues given Bill Clinton’s ties to the Bushes. And of course his own ties to the Bushes through Isaam Fares.

    For those who will use the excuse of “he works well with Republicans” that right there is the problem with Democrats who say they work well with Republicans. We need Democrats who will NOT work well with Republicans. Who will vote NO on things, something some Democrats in the Texas Legislature have not learned how to do, and stand up for the majority of people in this state who seem to have been disenfranchised by both parties.

    There’s also this “assumption” from the beginning that Kay Bailey Hutchison would resign. Before she indicated whether she would or not. Which she still hasn’t indicated whether she will or not.

    Bill White seems to know, rather than assume, that she will. Something she whispered in his ear?