The DNC comes to Texas

This is a pleasant surprise.

Calling Texas “a tremendous growth opportunity for the Democratic Party,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine announced this afternoon that Austin will host the Democrats’ annual fall meeting.

The Sept. 10-12 session will highlight positive political trends for Lone Star State Democrats, party officials said.

“Now, some might find that notion odd given Texas’s traditionally conservative bent and its recent history of supporting Republican candidates for elective office,” the Virginia governor said in an email to Democratic National Committee members. “But I don’t find it odd at all — and in fact, I am more convinced than ever that Texas is trending our way and will continue to do so.”

Kaine compared recent Democratic legislative gains in Texas — and major breakthroughs in areas such as Harris and Dallas Counties — to the newfound Democratic dominance in his own home state.

“In so many ways, I believe Texas is poised to move towards our column, just as Virginia has,” he reasoned. “Texas is an increasingly diverse state with a burgeoning and politically active Hispanic population that went strongly for Barack Obama in 2008.”

It’s greatly encouraging to hear things like that being said outside our borders. Maybe if the DNC – and by extension, Team Obama – is serious about making a play for Texas in 2012, it’ll encourage a stronger Democratic push, both in terms of fundraising and candidates, for next year. Sure would be nice to have a strong slate of statewide candidates here to greet these visitors in September, wouldn’t it?

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