Emmett: No lawsuit yet

You may recall that passions got so enflamed during the debate over the token tax cut that County Judge Ed Emmett threatened to file a lawsuit against Charles Bacarisse for wantonly misrepresenting his position, or something like that. It would now appear that cooler heads may be prevailing.

“I have not filed,” Emmett said this week. “We’ll wait and see what his minions continue to say.”

Emmett earlier this month threatened to sue Bacarisse because the former district clerk’s campaign mailed a flier that said Emmett “has not once publicly called for property tax relief.”

“You can put up with a lot in politics,” Emmett said then, “but he can’t get away with falsely stating my position. It’s not a question of being thin-skinned. You cannot let somebody constantly misstate your position.”

This week, Emmett said that his problem was with Bacarisse’s “minions,” referring to political consultants Jim McGrath and Chris Begala, who are helping run Bacarisse’s campaign.

How does one get to have a minion, anyway? I’ve always wanted one.

My guess here is that Emmett has since had a chance to talk to his attorney, who told him the idea of suing was ridiculous. I’ll bet this is the last we ever hear of it. Too bad for those of us in the wiseass business, but probably better for the county’s business.

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  1. Charles Hixon says:

    this could dog emmett through out the campaign

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