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Weekend link dump for June 14

You’re a grand old flag, you’re a high-flying flag, and forever in peace may you wave…

ATM malware. Just what we need.

Get yer photography license over here.

Congratulations to Melissa Zamora of Bloggin’ All Things Brownsville for her election to the Brownsville City Commission (via).

Senator Seventeen-Year-Old.

Wait, Mary Jo Rapini from “Big Medicine” has a blog now?

Hey, if Sarah Palin says we’re headin’ towards socialism, then by golly it must be true.

Of course, given how malleable the definition of “socialism” is these days, perhaps I shouldn’t scoff.

The Republican Party of Texas doesn’t understand the state’s budget.

Nader loses again. Now please go away, Ralph.

Congrats to The Bloggess for becoming a “Nimitz Tailhooker”. It’s way better than it sounds.

OK, I admit to now feeling some sympathy for Nick the Brick.

Ike and Ikea.

I don’t think even Salvador Dali could have imagined Michele Bachmann.

Apparently, Miss California-ing is hard work.

Mandatory censorware fail.

I confess, as someone who has been an umpire, this sounds appealing. I bet other umps have thought about it, too.

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