Early voting: Week two

So have you voted yet? Early voting totals so far (PDF) aren’t very impressive, though I haven’t attempted a comparison to previous years so I can’t really say for certain how we’re doing. I can say, as I did yesterday, that it wasn’t very busy at the Multi Service Center on West Gray on Friday. So have you voted yet? If not, what are you waiting for? If it’s more recommendations on how to vote on all the ballot propositions, Gary Denton has a nice roundup, while Muse has a straightforward recommendation. Perhaps those will help.

If it’s inspiration you need, here you go:

There you go.

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One Response to Early voting: Week two

  1. houtopia says:

    Hi Charles,

    Looking at the in-person early vote so far versus 2005:

    By this time in 2005, 24,132 people had voted early in person, while 15,792 had voted through Sunday this year — 65% of the 2005 total.

    In the City in 2005, we had about 192,000 total ballots cast in 2005. If the current trend holds, we’re looking at about 125,000 this go-round – in the neighborhood of 11-12% turnout.

    Sounds about right.

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