How the Candy Man stole Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! We’re going to be up to our clavicles in Trick or Treaters this evening – I’ll post some pictures like I did last year to give you a feel for how busy it gets. But before that, take a moment to read and remember the story of Ronald Clark O’Bryan, also known as the Candy Man, who murdered his son by poisoning his Halloween candy in 1974, thus also effectively killing the Trick or Treat tradition in Houston for a generation. May we never know his like again.

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One Response to How the Candy Man stole Halloween

  1. Michael says:

    Sort of. I don’t think I trick or treated in 1975 (went to a Halloween party at the church. This was back when nobody thought that a church halloween party had to be anti-halloween…), but I recall hitting the streets in 1976 and later.

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