Weekend link dump for June 28

Six months (almost) down, six to go…

Curving a bullet.

The fringe, quantified.

The pundit-industrial complex.

I before E, except after the British government gets rid of it.

However beautiful the strategy, sometimes you have to check the results.

So, who’s next on the GOP’s list of voters to alienate now that they’ve done such thorough work with Latinos?

Good for you, Senator Dodd.

The Michelle Bachmann comic!

That which doesn’t kill science makes it evolve into something stronger. Via Falkenberg.

The math geek in me says it’s now (-Jon) + Kate + 8. Yeah, I know.

Possibly the best explanation you’re going to get for what South Caolina Governor Mark Sanford was doing last weekend. OK, we know it’s not true. But hey, some of the professional journalists who’d covered the story would have bought it.

And now, of course, “Hiking the Appalachian Trail” is now a part of the vernacular. Here are some other suggestions.

The first baseman who put the “cheese” in “machismo”.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Wayne Slater.

When wallabies get stoned.

Happy birthday, Derek Jeter.

Watch those roaming charges.

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