Get ready to say good-bye to Wilshire Village

Swamplot brings the sad but totally expected news.

As noted in today’s Daily Demolition Report below, 20 structures of the Wilshire Village garden apartments at the corner of Alabama and Dunlavy received demolition permits yesterday.

Aren’t there only 17 buildings in the complex? Maybe everyone’s just trying to be extra sure to get them all.

Somehow, that’s just fitting. My only request is that someone take pictures of the demolition. Then we’ll see how long it takes before something is built in its place – as we know from various other examples, it could be awhile.

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2 Responses to Get ready to say good-bye to Wilshire Village

  1. joypog says:

    that’s too bad, they looked cool, but unfortuately their owners let them go to hell.

    I moved to Houston in 03 and I didn’t even realize they were occupied until I heard about the last tenants being evicted last year!

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