Hutchison announces her intent to announce

Actually, what Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison wanted to tell us was that she had a lot of money available to her for her yet-to-be-announced gubernatorial bid (which, for what it’s worth, some people outside of Texas think she may yet wimp out on), even more than Rick Perry does. What she didn’t display was a show of support, or much of an eye for presentation, but I guess if your campaign coffers are big enough, those things don’t matter much.

The big question – Will KBH actually resign from the Senate, and if so when? – remains a mystery.

Though she’s spoken previously to possibly resigning her seat—a move that could set off a spring 2010 special election to elect someone to serve out her term—she added no details on resignation thoughts today.

Whatever. My marker is still on her not resigning. Maybe in August we’ll find out. Given that this is still KBH we’re talking about, maybe not.

On a related note, Paul Burka wonders why Bill White doesn’t try for the Governor’s office instead.

The Republican nominee will be the survivor of a brutal primary. If the nominee is Rick Perry, he is vulnerable in a general election context. And if it is Hutchison, well, she looked invincible when the first polls came out, but she doesn’t look so strong today. Democrats will be excited about the chance to win a statewide election for the first time since 1994. If White wants to win, he should run for governor.

It’s amazing how the conventional wisdom on the KBH Express has changed, isn’t it? Six months ago she was a juggernaut, headed towards a coronation. One successful legislative session for Rick Perry – “successful” in the sense that the economic stimulus package, which he has crapped on regularly while eagerly sticking his hand out for every non-unemployment penny at the same time, saved us all from having to fight over nasty budget cuts – and six months of incompetent, tin-eared campaigning later, and all of a sudden she has a glass chin. We all remember that KBH hasn’t had to win an election against a well-funded opponent since 1994, right? For this reason, I believe that the Democrats will have a strong contender for Governor, whether it’s Kirk Watson, Ronnie Earle, John Sharp, Bill White, Tom Schieffer, or someone we haven’t thought of yet. Someone is going to look at this and say “Heads I get to run against Rick Perry, tails I get to run against whatever’s left of KBH after Perry tears her a new one”. The playing field isn’t what it used to be.

UPDATE: Harvey Kronberg gives what may be the best reason I’ve heard why KBH ain’t resigning any time soon.

One of the great Texas parlor games this year is trying to decide who Rick Perry would appoint to the United States Senate if and when Kay Bailey Hutchison resigns.

Chief contenders on the list have been Lite Guv David Dewhurst, Attorney General Greg Abbott, and Railroad Commissioners Michael Williams and Elizabeth Ames Jones as well as former Secretary of State Roger Williams.

Each brings unique strengths to the ticket and all would most likely be happy to take shots at the departing senator in exchange for the appointment.

But in the last few days, a new name has been in the mix – state Senator Dan Patrick.

Danno came out strongly for Perry last month, and as HK notes would make an excellent anti-KBH attack dog, especially with a higher profile. I’ve said all along that I think KBH wants to appoint her replacement herself, and if there’s anything to this, I think it will solidify that conviction on her part. I could, of course, be wrong. We may see next month.

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  1. Brent B says:

    Dan Patrick as a United States Senator sends a shudder down my spine. And to think I was afraid he was going to run for Lt. Gov!

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