Jones gets another opponent

In the wake of her comments about Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association President Jeff Caynon, Council Member Jolanda Jones has drawn a new challenger for her seat.

On Friday, retired HISD administrator Davetta Daniels filed to challenge Jones in November.

Daniels says Jones has been an embarrassment.

Bellaire native Carlos Obando also announced for the seat back in January.

Daniels ran for HISD Trustee in District IV in 2007, losing to Paula Harris by a 66-34 margin; click on Page 19 here to see the result. She represents a much more serious threat than Obando, whose campaign finance report is still not up, as she’s likely to draw from Jones’ existing base of support. Jones had a decent fundraising haul and has $54K on hand, but that’s not that much of an advantage. If Daniels gets some traction, she could be in real trouble.

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3 Responses to Jones gets another opponent

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    The reality of Jolanda Jones is that a lot of people agree with solme of her positions including many women and that is something an opponent may have trouble with. Jolanda Jones may seem politically incorrect but in some ways she is actually politically correct in saying things a lot of other people are just simply afraid to say.

    I certainly don’t agree with all of her positions. I think she panders too much to the “mainstream” aka the “white and wealthy” in our city who of course would prefer one of their own. But I do know she speaks for quite a few of her own – minorities including women – who are tired of their own doing them in.

  2. C J says:

    Jolanda Jones has a basic problem treating people with respect,including members of her own community, unless she’s on camera.

    Folks in some corners like having a pit bull that bites on command, but rudeness seldom yields longterm success.

    Is it possible to get results without name-calling and juvenile temper tantrums? You bet it is.

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