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The gambling industry never sleeps

I confess, I hadn’t realized the Chron had a Horse Racing Notebook column, but they do and this one wants to tell you just how awesome slot machines would be at the racetracks if only we’d let them have them. I don’t have any particular interest in rehashing the arguments from the legislative session, when various gambling expansion bills tried but failed to gain traction; you can search my archives if you’re interested. I just wanted to note that the entire piece is given to the views of the racing industry, in particular Sam Houston Raceway Park, and a pro-gambling advocacy group called, which (as the piece fails to mention) you can follow on Twitter if that’s your sort of thing. Even though the next opportunity the gambling industry will have to change things is a year and a half away, that doesn’t stop them from getting the word out. You have to admire the tenacity, as well as the ability to get a media professional to pass on all their talking points. Whatever else you think of them, they’re good at that.

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