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Gmail forwarding problems

I’ve used the kuff – at – offthekuff – dot – com address for as long as I’ve had the domain. I still use it today, though I’ve had it forwarded to Gmail for some months now. Unfortunately, it looks like my webhost is having some issues with forwarding email to Gmail:

Update: (11/29/2007 3:00 PST) We’ve moved all outgoing gmail forwards to their own server so that they’ll have dedicated processing time without affecting the rest of outgoing mail. The outgoing mail queue is still pretty full, but it’s steadily decreasing. We’re in contact with a Google support representative to get this resolved permanently. Mail to Gmail forwards are being delayed, but they are going through. A temporary workaround is to point your email forwards to a non-Gmail address or local DreamHost mailbox, as those are not affected by the delay. We’re sorry for the problems this causes you, and we’re doing all that we can to resolve this.

I hadn’t really noticed this problem before today, but it’s definitely been affecting me. If you’ve sent me an email to the kuff address today and are wondering why I haven’t responded, this is the reason. I’m sure I’ll have a pile of mail to wade through tomorrow, but in the meantime, if you need to reach me right now, address your correspondence to cakuffner – at – gmail – dot – com. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks very much.

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  1. Charles,

    You ought to check out “google aps for your domain”.

    You can keep your custom email address, but run it through gmail directly (no forwarding or anything).

  2. bill says:

    I’ve had this problem with Dreamhost too.