A Rick ‘n’ Kay threefer

1. I wouldn’t make such a big deal yet about the latest Rasmussen poll that shows KBH with a slight lead over Rick Perry, reversing a months-long decline for her. Without any other polls to compare this to, it could just be noise. I don’t really disagree with any of the points Burka raises, I’d just like to see at least one other result before I’m ready to initiate the “Kay’s Comeback” sequence.

2. Apparently, KBH’s “I’ll quit sometime in October or November” has morphed into “I’ll send the Governor a letter next month saying I’m quitting as of New Year’s”. Any more questions why some of us have never believed a word she’s had to say on this subject?

3. I don’t know if Rick Perry’s “What recession?” gaffe is a dirty trick or not, nor do I particularly care. If it turns out that the guy who once accused Tony Sanchez of being a drug dealer gets sunk by a bit of dishonesty, I for one would call that a little rough justice.

UPDATE: Glenn Smith comments on the Rasmussen poll.

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