Updated list of all interviews to date

Just a reminder that you can click on the 2009 Election tab at the top right of the index page to get a complete up-to-date list of all the interviews I’ve done for the November cycle. There’s a total of 40 interviews so far, with six more to come – three each in the Controller’s race, which will be next week, and the Mayor’s race, which will be the week after that. After that I’ll get a short break before starting up again with interviews and judicial questionnaires for the 2010 Democratic primaries. There’s so many judicial candidates out there I feel like I’m already behind, but that’s something I’ll just have to worry about later. For now, all of the interviews for this cycle are in one convenient location, so check them out if you haven’t already.

And if you can tear yourself away from football today (this is why God gave us DVRs, right?), there’s a candidate rally/forum at Discovery Green today:

Candidate rally at Discovery Green

Candidate rally at Discovery Green

There may not be all that much coverage in the paper, but there are still plenty of opportunities to learn about the candidates on the ballot this November if you want to do so.

UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, the rally and forum have been moved indoors. The following is from an email sent to the candidates:

We have reluctantly decided to hold the Rally on the Green Candidate Reception under cover due to the threat of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. It seemed the most sensible approach to take. While we won’t have the wonderful “Rally on the Green” we’d hoped for we will have wonderful opportunity to meet and share ideas with citizens who decide to join us. Remember, Houstonians are used to a little rain so we have hopes that many will still decide to come to the Rally on the Green tomorrow afternoon.

We have changed the location and the schedule. The changes are:

Location: NEW The Vista Room and Tree House Deck of the Grove Restaurant at Discovery Green, 1611 Lamar St.

Date: Unchanged – October 4th, 2009

Candidate Reception 2p.m – 3p.m.
Controller Candidate Forum 3p.m. – 4p.m.
Mayoral Candidate Forum 4:15p.m. – 5:15 p.m.

The Rally will be held on the second floor of the Grove Restaurant, 1611 Lamar. The Candidate Reception will be on the Tree House deck and in the Vista Room. Controller and Mayoral Candidate Forums will be held in the Vista Room.

Thanks to Robert Kane for passing that along.

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One Response to Updated list of all interviews to date

  1. Robert Nagle says:

    Chuck, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that voter’s guide plus the interviews. It is difficult to find all that information in one place. Even the Chronicle doesn’t seem to have all this information in one place (maybe they do two weeks or so before an election, but that is not very helpful).

    You might enjoy the fact that I pasted a list of all my local representatives as a separate blog post. I am sick of having to look this information up. Hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to google “Robert Nagle’s representatives” and have the information at my fingertips.

    Thanks for the links about the arson case.

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