Election tidbits for 10/15

Just a few quickies…

Super Neighborhood 22 will be holding a candidate forum for At Large positions 2 and 5 this coming Monday:

SN 22 candidate forum

SN 22 candidate forum

According to the email I got on this, CM Melissa Noriega will also be present.

– CM Jolanda Jones has had some issues with the Houston Professional Firefighters Association, but as Mary Benton notes, not all firefighters’ groups are against her.

The Houston Black Firefighters Association has endorsed City Council Member Jolanda “Jo” Jones in her campaign for re-election to Houston City Council, At-Large Position 5.

“Firefighters are my heroes,” said Jones. “I’ve ridden with them for 24-hour shifts, and understand more than most, that they have a grueling unrelenting job that goes way beyond the heroic task of rescuing us from fires. And that’s just one of the reasons why I am working so hard to implement solutions that will end discrimination and improve working conditions for all firefighters – because their jobs are hard enough.

“I am extremely grateful for this endorsement and the support I have received from firefighters throughout Houston. I hope Houston is always blessed to have these brave men and women keeping us safe.”

– The Latino Labor Council released some new endorsements as well. From their email:

This week’s meeting allowed our membership to endorse a couple more positions.


Previous endorsements:

MARY ANN PEREZ – Houston Community College DISTRICT 3 trustee

– A little farther out, State Rep. Dora Olivo, who represents HD27 in Fort Bend, announced the backing of several of her colleagues:

Endorsing Olivo for re-election are State Senator Mario Gallegos and State Representatives

Alma A. Allen, Carol Alvarado, Ellen Cohen, Garnet F. Coleman, Harold V. Dutton, Jr., Jessica Farrar, Ana E. Hernandez, Scott Hochberg, Kristi Thibaut, Senfronia Thompson, Sylvester Turner, Hubert Vo and Armando Walle.

Olivo will have a contested primary for the third straight cycle, so that’s where this is coming from.

– I noted recently that Bill White had received several more endorsements from State Reps in his bid for the Senate. I mentioned that he had the support of all of the Harris County Democratic reps except for Senfronia Thompson, Al Edwards, and Kristi Thibaut. In the comments to that post, Keir Murray said that Rep. Thibaut has in fact endorsed White. Note to Team Bill: Update your list.

– Meanwhile, John Sharp collected endorsements from State Reps. Allen Vaught and Kirk England, both from the Dallas area. I don’t know exactly how many such endorsements Sharp has received, but I’d bet White has a decent lead in that department.

– And speaking of scoreboards, BOR has a more detailed look at White’s fundraising and cash-on-hand numbers. I can’t wait to see what Sharp did this quarter – it has to be better than the last quarter, but that ain’t saying much. BOR also has a peek at numbers from CD10, where Jack McDonald is going strong in his bid to unseat Rep. Mike McCaul; CD21, where, um, not much is happening; and CD17, where Rep. Chet Edwards has the usual target on his back and the usual stellar fundraising report. Check ’em out.

– And finally, one last endorsement: Constable Ruben Davis gives his seal of approval to At Large #1 candidate Stephen Costello:

“I have looked at Stephen’s record and it’s obvious he’s the best candidate for the job,” Davis said. “I know Stephen will put an emphasis on crime and public safety and that’s an issue important to folks in my community.”

“Public safety is the number one issue for Houstonians,” said Costello. “Everything begins with you feeling safe in your home, school and business. I appreciate Constable Davis’ endorsement. When I am on City Council, I pledge to work with him and other law enforcement agencies to fight crime in Houston.”

Word I’m hearing is that we should expect a bunch of Chron endorsements soon. Well, early voting is about to start, so I guess that’s normal. Anyone want to take a guess at who they’ll back for Mayor?super n

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  1. Tom Dornbusch says:

    Thanks for listing the SN22 At-Large 2 & 5 forum. We had a very good turnout, but were short the attendance of two candidates: Shorter & Griffin. Christie arrived too late to participate in the forum. At the 1 & 4 forum, all 12 candidates were present.
    Links to video of each candidate responding to SN22’s questions at both the At-Large 1 & 4 and 2 & 5 forums, along with links to their downloadable written responses will be available at: http://www.sn22.org/candidates

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