Sessions gets primary challenger

The irony here is pretty rich.

Corporate accountant David Smith will announce next week that he’s challenging incumbent Pete Sessions in the March Republican primary.

Smith, active in the conservative tea party movement, says Sessions has not followed the conservative staples of the GOP.

Smith has also criticized Sessions for backing moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava in the zany 23 Congressional District race in New York. Sessions is chairman of the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.

Sometimes, as the philosopher Dogbert once said, no sarcastic remark seems adequate. I’ll just point out that CD32 is a genuine swing district, which has trended strongly Democratic over the past three cycles, and as sure as I sit here blogging this, it’ll be easier for Democrat Grier Raggio to win against Smith than it would against the well-heeled Sessions, especially after the kind of nasty, race to the bottom primary it would have to be. Bring it on, Eric.

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