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Kronberg on KBH

Harvey Kronberg’s column this week looks at the long history of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison running, or not running, for Governor, and how she came to be in this particular will she or won’t she resign pickle. Nothing much new for those who have followed this closely, but one point I want to touch on:

Once it became clear that Perry was going to stay in the hunt, there was no way Hutchison could resign. If she were a mere citizen-candidate, Perry would’ve been able to shut her fundraising down. Many of her contributors fear political reprisal and exile if she should lose. She at least provides some political cover for them by remaining in office.

Additionally, her political nemesis would appoint the new Senator who would then start attacking her from Washington.

I trust these themes are familiar to you. The thing I want to add is that it seems to me that even if she wins the gubernatorial primary, there’s no compelling reason for her to resign. I’m sure she believes that this is the real race, and that if she wins it she’ll have clear sailing through November. Given that, why not stick it out so she can name her own successor in 2011? Not to put too fine a point on it, but people have run for President – successfully, even – while still holding a seat in the US Senate. Why should running for Governor of Texas be any different? Sure, she says she’ll resign no matter what come March, but it’s not like her word has been gold on that point up till now. All I’m saying is, nobody knows what she’ll do.

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One Comment

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    Maybe she should switch parties and run as a Democrat although of course she would have to dump Phil Gramm and Dick Cheney.

    She is without doubt the worst representative Texans have ever elected and even the Republicans are finally getting fed up with her.

    She sits on her little fence dangling her legs on one side, then the other. Waving her little pom-poms. Telling each side what they want to hear. And then asks hubby each night what his law firm wants her to do.