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KBH invokes the power of the Dark Lord

I just have one thing to say about this:

Firing another shot in an endorsement war that is pitting prominent national and state Republicans against each other, gubernatorial candidate Kay Bailey Hutchison landed her most prominent backer to date Tuesday when former Vice President Dick Cheney formally placed his name in her column.

“We Westerners know the difference between a real talker and the real deal,” Cheney told a small but noisy gathering in the Air Terminal Museum at Hobby Airport. “When it comes to being conservative, Kay Bailey Hutchison is the real deal.”

Remember when KBH was going to win the GOP primary by expanding its electorate with her appeal to independents and Democrats? Boy, those were the days. Funny how nobody talks about it any more, isn’t it?

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  1. Baby Snooks says:

    Most of her supporters really are just angry because they couldn’t “pay to play” with Rick Perry and they know they can “pay to play” with her and they would continue to support her if Charles Manson endorsed her.

  2. Steve Bates says:

    “… expanding its electorate with her appeal to independents and Democrats?”

    Who did Kay think she was kidding? After more than a decade’s correspondence with Kay about a variety of issues, I’ll vote for her when Texas freezes over in mid-July, and I think most of us on our side of the aisle feel the same way. No wonder she’s changing strategy and trumpeting Dick’s endorsement.

  3. Baby Snooks says:

    She was always very nice to me actually. Until one of the partners at her husband’s law firm stalked me. Then she wasn’t so nice. And suddenly not such an advocate for stalking victims. The woman is evil. No other word fits her. Bottom line is she serves the interests of the firm. Like all good V&E wives do.

  4. Baby Snooks says:

    http://www.uspastor houston/index. htm

    http://www.uspastor houston/document s/WhiteAppreciat ionLuncheonflyer .pdf

    Just in case someone questions what was posted about the luncheon honoring Bill White.

    As for Bill White this is being circulated in the Jewish community which for some reason didn’t catch it when it ran:

    As for dirty money, let’s talk about really dirty money:

    http://www.chron. com/CDA/archives /archive. mpl?id=2003_ 3712916

    “It is a mistake to make a comparison between the al-Qaida network . . . which Lebanon has condemned, and Hezbollah, which Lebanon considers a resistance party fighting the Israeli occupation,” Fares told Agence France-Presse. “Hezbollah did not carry out any resistance operation against American interests in Lebanon or abroad and did not target civilians in its resistance activities as happened on Sept. 11 at the World Trade Center.”

    Unbelievable how people will just vote for someone just because someone tells them to. In this case, Arthur Schechter. Good luck to whoever he endorses in the future or who the Jewish Herald Voice endorses.

    Plenty of sleaze in both parties.

  5. Baby Snooks says:

    The above was misposted but what the hell. She and Cornyn are the two favorite Bush lapdogs. Dubbya can do no wrong. Daddy Bush rules. Wave the pom-poms and celebrate the oligarchy.

    The war on terror does get a little strange when you get around to the friends of the Bushes. The Saud family. The bin Laden family. Issam Fares. The Cuban hero who likes to blow up Cuban airplanes.

    And then there’s Bill White. Waiting for the one lapdog to resign. So sure she was going to he raised millions for the race. Makes you wonder who told him she was going to resign.

    And then there’s Bill Clinton. The adopted son. Makes you wonder when Bill Clinton was given the magic cash camel that has netted him over $50 million. Most of it from the Persian Gulf. Most of it from friends of the Bushes.

    And then there’s Benjamin Franklin. Who predicted our country would last 200 years and then the Constitution would fall under the weight of corruption and the greed that feeds it. And about 200 years later Ronald Reagan arrived in Washington. With George HW Bush. Who for all intents and purposes managed finally to do what his father wanted to do which was hijack the government and did so through his sons. Bill and George.

    People really need to wake up in this country before it’s too late. Although it may be too late.