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Red light camera amnesty

Got a red light camera ticket that you haven’t paid? Want to get it taken care of but fear there may be consequences for having waited so long? Well, now’s your chance to do it, as HPD has announced a 60-day grace period, which began Friday, for those with delinquent red light camera citations.

The police department’s news release also warned that drivers who don’t pay late fines by Jan. 30 will not be allowed to renew their vehicle registrations. However, Harris County commissioners have not struck a deal with a city to allow blocks on registrations, and the issue isn’t even on the county’s agenda as of today.

People can pay fines by the going online at; by phone toll-free at (866) 790-4111; by mail; or pay in person at the Municipal Courts Building located at 1400 Lubbock or at a walk-in payment center located at 1301 Travis, Suite 145.

Pay the fine, or take your chances that Commissioners Court will continue to tell the city to stuff it? My guess is that 60 days from now the county will not have changed its position. But I don’t think that will last forever. Perhaps the new Mayoral administration will have better luck with it. Who knows? If you’ve been feeling bad about not paying it, now’s the time. If not, you’re unlikely to be made to feel differently soon, but probably not forever. Up to you. KHOU has more.

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One Comment

  1. Barmet says:

    Why are they offering the amnesty? Is the cash flow down? This situation is reflective of the current general business/job environment, but the city is trying to be kind. They could be more kind if they tear up the tickets and give a true amnesty.